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1. marc jacobs has (un)officially turned down the dior job. as if we didn’t see this coming?? this is just great now we’ll have to continue dealing with bill gaytten “designing” ridiculous looks for a house whose net worth is in the billions. 

so many designers have been thrown into this that it’s so hard to keep track. so much is speculation but a few mentionable designers are haider ackermann (who is coincidentally “galliano” trained), christopher kane, marco zanini (rochas), and peter copping (nina ricci). riccardo tisci is also in there somewhere but between already being designer of givenchy, i feel like not many people can do quality work while focusing on multiple brands. the dior and givenchy lifestyle is somewhat close and the possibility of repetition with designs would be highly likely if he were to take over. just my opinion.


2. in other news; as if you haven’t heard already… approximately $400,000 worth of louis vuitton goods have been stolen. wait for it… okay i know, ridiculous. apparently the thieft includes insolent security, an airport terminal, and people with some very good taste. 

i would like to point out that within less than a month marc jacobs AND louis vuitton have both experienced theft. in my memory this is not a common occurrence in the fashion industry (prove me wrong please). how is it that two separate fashion houses related by the single fact that they are both designed by the same person (marc jacobs) have been subjected to such “out of the norm” situations. pr stunt? maybe. marc likes reading his name in the paper i surmise. 

- bedduzza

i hate that i love this song.

it’s time.

the amazing yasmin warsame.

for the next time you judge a book by its cover.

in an industry where the norm is a bmi index of less than 20 is efficient, albeit most certainly expected - something interesting is happening.

over the pond in the uk advertising authorities are questioning campaigns of various fashion houses. most notable was the recent ban of the marc jacobs ad featuring dakota fanning. wearing a summery dress, sitting, with her legs straight and slightly apart with a perfume bottle between them, conjured up disturbing images for some. the negative response turned into a worldwide media frenzy and possible question as to what is acceptable.

fast forward a few weeks and again the uk is enforcing a ban on a miumiu ad featuring a young hailee steinfeld for the image of her sitting on traintracks. the image, deemed innappropriate and irresponsible comes as a surprise. what with the various television shows, movies, and advertising that promotes the viewing of violence; surely an ad campaign of a young girl sitting (not constrained) to traintracks can hardly be seen as dangerous and/or offensive. 

i’ve posted the photos below, take a look and decide for yourself.

- bedduzza



if you’ve read my blog you can clearly see that i adore andrej pejic. i think he’s absolutely amazing and his recent interview in ‘out’ magazine proves it. check it out in the source link below.

- bedduzza


marc jacobs’ SS 2012 collection has been stolen! (insert gasp here).

yes that’s right, one of fashion’s mighty prince’s has been thrawrted. all stolen off the back of a truck no less. 

the fashionable population is required to put on their sherlock hats (ugh) and be on the look out. for what you ask? “See-through cellophane draped as cocktail dresses; or gingham printed on translucent plastic.” just in case your mother in law is trying out a new look - you know she’s bad. 

happy chuckling. 

- bedduzza

are you a secret (major, huge, ridiculous) kate middleton i mean Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge fan like moi? well one cannot blame you for such great taste. 

i think she is the epitome of class. she has kept her cool in situations where i myself would probably have resorted to a little more than recreational drinking.

here’s a fabulous website i happen to occasionally take a gander at. it identifies all of her great pieces that she seems to miraculously (and effortlessly) throw together.

happy reading!

i love tom ford. i love, love, love tommy boy.

but i do not love this collection. it doesn’t really speak to me much like his other pieces. i suppose its more of a practical collection.

check it out for yourself! (source link) maybe i’m just having an off day. 


the amazingly beautiful: andrej pejic.

- bedduzza

the amazingly beautiful: andrej pejic.

- bedduzza

vogue, circa 2010.


- bedduzza